Created in December 2005, coded by January 15th, and finally revealed to the public January 27th, 2006, Achieve360points.com was first a website dedicated to game achievements on the Xbox 360. For those of you that absolutely require a date, we consider Jan 15th our “birthdate,” since that is the date that the website was 100% functional and went online. Our initial purpose was to list each achievement for every Xbox 360 game and give the reader detailed information on how to attain these achievements by providing information on secret achievements, walkthroughs, tips and strategies, and glitches or errors that prevent achievements from being attained. However, we quickly realized we could better serve the community if we expanded to cover far more information than just achievement data. Achievements are still our main priority, but honestly, why would someone go to a site just for achievements? We understand that concept and have grown substantially.

We first started on a shared host, which we outgrew within 3 weeks of being online. From there, we ventured onto our first dedicated server. However, due to our growth it only managed to maintain us until December 2006. Long story short, we have moved to more powerful servers three more times since. We host over 18,000 unique achievement images that are quite small, with a collective memory footprint of around 78 MB. Even with our image’s tiny memory size, we still consume over 7 gigabytes of bandwidth a day! We currently serve out around 200,000 – 250,000 pages to 25,000+ unique users daily.

We also offer several other features besides achievements, like game tutorials, cheats and hacks and much more!

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