What kind of information do you want submitted?

Here is a quick list of things you could possibly send us:

Achievements (see Achievements)
Achievement Tips (see Achievement Tips)
Game Walkthroughs / Guides (see Walkthroughs / Guides)
Live Marketplace Content (see Live Marketplace Content)

If you have something you want to send us that isn’t listed, send it along if you feel that we need to see it. We won’t get mad at you, as long as it isn’t an advertisement for dirt cheap Viagra. We know your cousin “knows a guy” that “knows a guy”, but trust us, we’re cool.

How can I submit this information?

We have multiple ways for users to submit content to us:

E-mail it to us – submit@achieve360points.com (please use an informative subject!)
PM an Administrator – Monster 1 of 2 or Monster 2 of 2
Post to the Forum – Submit Section (you must be logged in to even view it)

We prefer if you e-mail the information to us (95% of the time, it is the best way). Secondly, we will take PMs on the forums for information. If the first two options don’t work, you could always post your information to our “submit” section of the forum. However, if at all possible use either the 1st or 2nd option. It makes all of our lives easier in the long run.

Will you thank me for my submission?

That actually depends on whether or not we like you. Yes, that was a joke.

Include your gamertag so we can give you credit for the find! Last time we checked we weren’t mind readers, so if you don’t include your gamertag we will have absolutely no clue who to thank. If you wish to remain anonymous, state that in your submission. We understand confidentiality and we will be as discreet as you want us to be. If you have information regarding something that you only want the administrators to know (not even to be posted on the site) then the information will die with us. We aren’t about betraying contacts, so no worries with anything you send us. Heck, we found out about *information removed* months in advance and never said a word. See? We can’t even accidentally tell anyone something we know. So, make sure that you state explicitly how the information can be used, if not normally. In doing this, we can please everyone and that is exactly what we are all about!

I better check what I submit, huh?

Before sending anything, verify we don’t have it by looking on the site! We get a lot of duplicate submissions after the given data is already up on the site. It’s ok, but try and check first before sending just in case it might already be up. We don’t mind receiving the same “rare” image 5 times in a row, especially if we haven’t put it up on the site yet. However, if it is already there, we might frown. Yes, we might stop smiling for a couple seconds and frown. Nobody wants that.

A good way to see what kind of achievements we are missing is by simply checking out the Achievement List. This page is automatically generated, from the guides icon all the way down to the missing icon. It will always be 100% accurate.

The only way to see if we have Live Content up already is to go to our Live Marketplace Map and look for yourself. If you know how many downloads are available for a specific category, you can simply look at the list and see if our number reflects your number. Even simplier!

If the information you have can’t be found anywhere on the site, make sure and check the Updates page before you send us the information. We document every single update there, so if your info is new and it isn’t in the last couple of updates, then chances are we don’t have it yet. You might be the first with the information! What are you waiting for? Submit your knowledge!

Hey jerkass, you aren’t accepting my submission!

We reserve the right to reject anything if it doesn’t meet our requirements. If we do reject something you send to us, do not take it personally! We currently receive an average of 150 e-mails a day and it is quite difficult for us to sift through it all. Site maintenance takes a large portion of our free time and the e-mails are done between that work. We can’t reply to everyone, but we do read everything! Yes, that even includes Japanese spam in case they were trying to send us achievement details. Hey, you never know.

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